Albion Online - New Sandbox MMORPG

Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMO that has roots in Germany. The developers with the appropriate name Sandbox Interactive are a 50-person team from Berlin.

Albion Online - Entirely player-designed economy

Albion Online was crowdfunded and is a sandbox MMORPG in a medieval fantasy setting. A distinctive feature is the completely player-driven economy, each item being manufactured or traded by players.

The economic system is not exhausted with the manufacture of weapons and armor. Due to the different countries in which only certain raw materials can be found, trade causes conflicts. Some countries are in the mountains full of mines for weapons, while others are on swamps or deserts. Only there you can find the animals whose skins are the raw materials for armor. So there is inevitably a brisk trade between the regions, the many trade caravans naturally attract bandits who only live from robbery.

This of course leads to PvP - player versus player combat guilds are forced to protect their craftsmen and caravans. If you are not in combat, you decorate your own house, which is on your property.

But players are not the only opponents, the world of Albion is full of magicians, undead and demons, with whom you also have to deal.

There is also no rigid class system, similar to the Final Fantasy 10 grid, you move on the destiny board and learn skills. Without fixed classes, there is also an unusual freedom in your equipment. In general, you can carry any item, a mage in plate armor or a warrior with two hand swords and cloth armor may not be ideal, but you have the freedom to wear it. Of course, this is not about such senseless combinations, but rather about wearing the matching armor pieces for your play style.

Developer AMA and Videos

On the occasion of today's publication, the developers held an “Ask-me-Anything” on the Reddit community platform in which they answered questions from fans.

There are also some videos that show the game and the various features such as trading, crafting, fighting, etc.

Reddit AMA

Overview of Albion Online

Player designed economy

Class system - you are what you wear

PvP - player versus player

Albion Online is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The servers are cross-platform, so you can play with your friends on any system.

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