ARMA 3 - The Tank DLC is here


The newest ARMA 3 DLC brings us some really big things, namely tanks. If World of Tanks is too unrealistic for you, you can soon get into one with the Premium DLC Tanks for ARMA 3 Steel colossus sit down and accelerate.

The game, which is known for its realism and the variety of options, brings you a whole range of tanks. The DLC also includes matching tank destroyers, a new mini campaign, single-player scenarios and an update of the main game. A whole series of improvements will be made, this update of the Main program is even free.

ARMA 3 tanks

The features of the Tank DLC:

  • T-140 Angara - The "T-140 Angara" is a main battle tank (MBT) according to Russian design, which is used by the CSAT faction.
  • AWC Nyx - The armored weapon carrier (AWC) "Nyx" is based on German engineering, but was licensed and modified by the AAF faction.
  • Rhino MGS - The "Rhino" is an armored combat vehicle (AFV) that was specially designed to fight other tanks, which is why it is also known as the "tank killer".
  • Mini-Campaign "Altis Requiem" - Take on the role of an AAF tank commander in three single-player campaigns and experience the different perspective of the NATO offensive from Arma 3's "Ostwind" campaign.
  • Panzerkiller Presentation - In this single player presentation scenario, you play as a NATO crew member aboard the new Rhino MGS UP.


With the free updates, players can expect:

  • Improved vehicle experience for armored vehicles
  • Improved driving behavior
  • Improved damage model
  • Extended background noise
  • Personalized vehicles
  • Fire control system
  • Team-on-team multiplayer mode "Vanguard"
  • 3 time trial challenges
  • 2 anti-tank guns
  • Additional anti-tank vehicle variants
  • Steam Achievements

You can find the YouTube trailer of the ARMA 3 developers for the Tank DLC at the beginning of the article. The detailed presentation of the individual tanks and features is available on the official homepage or the German Steam page.

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