Artifact - First details on Valve's new card game


About the new card game Artifact Little was known of Valve so far, only today there were first details to the colleagues from IGN.

To start with, some of the facts:

Artifact becomes NOT FreeToPlay like the competition from Hearthstone / GWENT. Rather, it should offer a high level of production and new mechanics such as a "shopping phase“, So a purchasing phase. Gabe Newell, Head of Valve, personally stated that opening packs of cards and creating your own deck "a social and competitive experience"- should offer" a social experience and competition ".

There is also a Marketplace and Workshop, which, similar to Dota 2, is responsible for buying and selling cards. Artifact should not just be a Dota 2 card game, but uses the Dota 2 background as a basis and is being further developed. In the end, new heroes from Artifact in Dota 2 appear.


At the moment the game is still in the closed beta and is only accessible to industry members and professionals of the card game scene. This circle really seems to be very exclusive, because there haven't been any leaks that can be found almost every day in the game industry today.

Artifact - Developed by the Magic the Gathering inventor

One last big piece of information that should delight veterans of the card game scene: Richard Garfield is the developer behind Artifact!

If the name doesn't tell you something: Garfield was the brain behind Magic the Gathering, the founder of the trading card game scene, so to speak. Since 1993 Magic has been the best known and most successful trading card game in the world with millions of players and a gigantic tournament scene. That the creative mind behind this success, also behind Valve's new title, gives hope for another game hit.

Artifact should be published at the end of 2018 and the first tournament will take place in the first quarter of 2019. An iOS and Android version is planned for mid-2019.

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