Ashes of Creation - Introducing the Class System

Ashes of Creation

The development of the successful Kickstarter MMO Ashes of Creation is in full swing and next to the first Alpha information and videos there is now the first overview of the classes.

Ashes of Creation- 64 different classes

This shows that the developers of Intrepid build on a 2 class system. From 8 Base classes the player first chooses a main class that cannot be changed. Eight doesn't sound particularly varied, so a second, secondary class will be added later. This is how a tank + cleric becomes the classic one paladin, a stable frontline fighter with healing. Conversely, a Cleric + tank is used as a secondary class Templar, i.e. the focus here would be more on healing than on the ability to take damage.

The basic classes:

  • Fighter - fighters
  • Tank - the front-line fighter who pulls everything on himself
  • Rogue - villain
  • Ranger - archer
  • Mage - magician
  • Summoner - summoner
  • Cleric - priest
  • Bard - bard

The 8 basic classes become a total of 64 possible classes, because the double combinations are also possible. From villain + villain does not become villain, but the assassin. So every player can create a character according to his taste.

Ashes of Creation class system

If you have made a mistake in choosing your secondary class, you can change it again. Only the main class is fixed, but there is always the option of alternative characters. Since the developers also partly worked on the MMO classic Everquest involved, we can especially look forward to the Bard class, which was extremely diverse and allowed a unique feel to play.

Presentation of the classes in 2018

The developers are planning to present the 8 basic classes and each of the 64 possibilities in detail in the coming year and to show the history, background and of course the skills.

"As we march into 2018, we'll be detailing each of the eight Base Classes, and all 64 of the combined classes with brief rundowns of their lore, skills, and mechanics. Today, as we begin our Friends and Family Alpha Zero test, we wanted to show you just how diverse we expect our playing field to be. The classes adhere to roles like tanking, DPS, support, and healing, but it's really so much more than that. Each one must provide a true fantasy fulfillment for the player - you want to be a badass, no matter what your class. And that's a promise we intend to keep. "

Ashes of Creation is a massive multiplayer online game funded and in development following an unprecedented Kickstarter campaign. Many of the designers and developers have been in the industry for decades and have worked on many successful online role-playing games, and Ashes of Creation's stated goal is to bring this genre back to life.

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