Attack on Titan 2 - New Action Trailer

Attack on Titan 2

Since the announcement it was a bit quiet about Attack on Titan 2, now there is finally a new action trailer from the developers. The successor to the successful Wings of Freedom is due to appear in early 2018.

Attack on Titan 2 - Season 2

There are a lot of fight scenes in it and the fight against a particularly large, shaggy one yeti Titanium. Out Spoiler reasons for the manga and anime versions we refrain from explaining who this is exactly. Based on the appearance of the "Yeti", the game can be classified into the relatively new 2nd season at some point in the later volumes and the anime.

Information on the exact details when and where has been in short supply up to now. The team doesn't give a lot of thought to the cards.

However, the developers have now revealed that there should be new stories that were written especially for the game. This is what the manga inventor stands for Hajime Isayama advising the team. This should ensure the authenticity and the 100% Attack on Titan feeling.

More than 10 characters will be playable and their relationships with each other will play a major role. In doing so, the player reveals completely new sides to his favorite characters. So even those who have devoured books and films a hundred times will be able to find new material for their passion here.

Is announced Attack on Titan 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition, there should also be a Nintendo Switch Give version that hopefully when navigating with the 3D maneuvering equipment that uses motion controls. The only approximate release date available so far is the beginning / spring of 2018.

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