Awesome Games Done Quick - The speedrun marathon against cancer is running again

Awesome Games Done Quick

The Speedrun Charity Marathon Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) has started again. Donations are collected for the benefit of the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”.

Awesome Games Done Quick - million dollar donations for charity

Every year two of the 1-week events take place, in which hundreds of computer and console games are finished in record time. During the summer version "Summer Games Done Quick" (SGDQ) 2017 were incredible $ 1.7 million Donations collected for Doctors Without Borders. Awesome Games done Quick in early 2017 even came over $ 2.2 million Donate together.

In addition to fascinating speed runs, donors also have the opportunity to win prizes. For this purpose, most of the games shown have a donation goal, the achievement of which leads to special challenges. For example, last year there were runs with a blindfold, 2 players on just one controller or the demonstration of ExtraLevel etc.

Anyone who donates a certain amount ends up in the raffle for a variety of prizes. These include special editions of games through to oil paintings by Zelda-Breath of the Wild.

The speed runs are commented on and you can learn how many of the incredible tricks work. One of the first runs showed right away The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in just 50 minutes and the runner's bugs and jokes, together with the community members on the couch, caused a lot of amusement. It's best to just take a look, then it's easier to get an idea of it.

The Speedrun Community on Reddit looks after one like every year Archive thread, in which you can find all games and the associated video-on-demand on the official Twitch channel.

AGDQ runs until January 14th and is completely open Twitch transfer.

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