Awesome Games Done Quick - Speedrunner raise over $ 2.2 million

Awesome Games Done Quick

After a week full of exciting speed runs and hundreds of games that were played Awesome Games Done Quick Marathon raised over $ 2.2 million. The exact final score is $ 2,269,099.96donated to the Prevent Cancer Fondation.

A total of 44,502 donations averaged US $ 50 came in, with the largest single amount coming from Twitch, the combined subscriptions and bits alone totaled $ 108,092.

The Yetee, one of the long-term sponsors of the Games Done Quick Marathons, came up with a total of T-shirts etc. by selling them $ 120,000 which regularly caused cheers as 10,000 dollar servings.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 - The most successful so far

The six-monthly marathon brings the best for a week Speed runner the world together to finish hundreds of games as quickly as possible. As an incentive for donations, there were not only prizes to be won, but viewers could also donate for special challenges.

For example: Donkey Kong Country (Reverse boss order) - So the bosses in the "wrong" order. Dark Souls 3 blindfolded bosses and lots of other fun ideas.

This year the runs were particularly entertaining Skyrim or Diablo, in which the coincidental mishaps, the funniest sayings of the speed runner and the couch came about.

The community on Reddit already has one Thread with the most popular games created by Awesome Games Done Quick, including the appropriate links to the Twitch VoDs. So just take a look or look for yourself in the complete list Pick out your favorite game and watch how it can be done in a tenth of the time.

The next marathon, aptly named Summer Games Done Quick, will take place from June 24th to July 1st, 2018.

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