Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse DLC is coming to Battlepass owners in February

Battlefield 1

Season Pass owners can access the Battlefield 1 DLC Apocalypse fall. Publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE announced this today, and there were further details about the content.

Battlefield 1 - 5 New maps, weapons, gadgets, planes and more

A total of 5 new maps await the brave fighters, 3 of them on the ground and 2 in the air.

  • PASSENDALE: The once picturesque Belgian hinterland has turned into a nightmarish landscape of mud and blood. Make your way through your destroyed surroundings and seek cover in shelters and ruins.
  • CAPORETTO: Take part in the desperate battle of Austria-Hungary against the Italian army on the slopes and in the trenches along the Isonzo.
  • SOMME: The picturesque wheat fields along the Somme are transformed into hell on earth after a devastating artillery fire.

In addition to these 3 battlefields, there will be 2 new dogfights:

  • ON A KNIFE'S EDGE: Dive into spectacular dogfights between snowy peaks as British and German aviators battle for control of this intense map.
  • LONDON IS CALLING: In the new air raid mode, plunge into thrilling dogfights over the British capital with other knights of the sky.

The Battle of London in particular went down in history and the opportunity to re-enact it will make the heart of every pilot beat faster.
There are also new melee weapons such as a Meat cleaver as a last resort and 6 firearms:

  • BSA Howell
  • LMG 08/18
  • 1917 Enfield
  • Ross Mk III
  • Webley Mk VI

In addition, that brings Apocalypse DLC still new planes, gadgets, an air raid game mode and as an unusual new weapon the stationary Livens projector that stops your opponents with poison gas.
A detailed description of the new features can be found on the official Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Homepage.

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