Battletech - The new mech game is finally here

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The long-awaited by fans Battletech is finally published. The game that resulted from a successful Kickstarter campaign is now up Steam, GoG etc. available.

Battletech - Make yourself the boss of a mercenary force

In Battletech you take command of a small one Mercenary troops and hire yourselves as fighters for the highest bidder. Not only do you manage your 'Mechs in combat, you also have to deal with the consequences and damage from the combat. Damage to your 'Mechs requires repairs and spare Parts are not cheap. Your pilots have been in the hospital for several weeks due to hits and cannot be deployed.


You still have to pay your bills, so you cannot refuse the order you just received. Then it's time to go with the B or CD team and face unfavorable conditions. The battles are at their peak precisely when, as a commander, you have to develop and use the smallest advantages. When it comes down to it, mercilessly exploiting all the possibilities of the terrain and the weak points of the opponents.

The Combat mode from Battletech offers all known factors, anyone who has ever come into contact with the universe will recognize a lot. Lighter, medium and heavy Mech types, overheating, armor, weapons like PPC etc. Use cover, flank attack, special features of the terrain like water to cool your mech and whatever other tactical tricks can be used here. Even if it is a bit overwhelming for newbies, thanks to the clear UI all important information is delivered to you precisely.

According to the first test reports, that too story pretty well done and quickly casts a spell over you. Ratings of 9/10 and 85 out of 100 are not uncommon so far. However, it must be clearly stated that Battletech is a very strategic and therefore slow game. Remotely remembers Round strategy to the XCom series, but sets other focal points. So if you can't warm up to the genre, you will probably miss out on a small game pearl.

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