BlizzCon 2017 bonus items have arrived

BlizzCon Overwatch

As every year, there is a whole range of goodies for visitors to BlizzCon and buyers of virtual tickets. For example, almost every Blizzard franchise has mounts, skins, or pets that are not available otherwise.

World of Warcraft- With Stormwind's Sky Chaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor, World of Warcraft players have been able to soar through the air for some time.

Blizzcon WoW Mounts

As of today, the Overwatch Players will enjoy the exclusive Winston BlizzCon Skin. The skin is designed in the BlizzCon style and is already available in-game if you have the ticket.

Blizzcon Winston

Also today were the Starcraft 2 Goodies built in. These consist of 3 scrap collector skins for drones, probes and WBFs. They don't look brand new anymore, but for the sake of the tarpaulin ... er the universe, recycling is a great thing!

Blizzcon Starcraft 2

Heroes of the Storm Players expect several items. Including a BlizzCon 2017 banner, the Nexus Blade Mount, a portrait and an emote. These goodies are not yet available on the live server, but will appear shortly.

Blizzcon Heroes of the Storm

As Consolation for the Diablo 3 Fans there is a new companion that Death knight:

Blizzcon Diablo 3The reward Hearthstone players will receive has not yet been revealed. Only the picture of a golden legendary card is shown. The innkeeper is apparently only ready to reveal his secret after the convention.

Blizzcon Hearthstone

BlizzCon 2017 will take place on November 3rd and 4th, if you can't go to the fair in person, you can get a virtual ticket for at least € 29.99. With the virtual ticket you also get the goodies and can at least indirectly participate in the fair and the news via live streams.

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