BlizzCon 2018 - Final concert with Train, Kristian Nairn, and Lindsey Stirling


The closing ceremony of the annual BlizzCon always ends with a concert, with bands like Metallica, Tenacious D. Blink 182 or Linkin Park on. Last year the visitors could look forward to Muse, this year the lucky ticket holders can expect 3 acts.

For 2018, Blizzard has hired 3 well-known artists: Train, Kristian Nairn and Lindsey Stirling.

BlizzCon 2018 Acts


BlizzCon Act Train
Source: Blizzard

Live on the Mythic Stage on Sunday, November 4th. around 4:00 a.m. CET

With numerous Grammys and many great hits, Train has been a great figure in American rock for 20 years. During that time, they have released a dozen acclaimed bestselling albums including songs like "Hey Soul Sister", "Calling All Angels" and "Drops of Jupiter".


BlizzCon 2018 KRISTIAN NAIRN - Hodor
Source: Blizzard

Live in the Overwatch-Arena on Sunday, November 4th around 04:15 a.m. CET

Kristian Nairn has been one of Ireland's most celebrated and successful DJs for two decades, releasing remixes of titles from the Freemansons, Madison Avenue and Duke, among others. He has brought modern electronic beats to clubs and concerts around the world and has appeared on stage with legendary musicians like the Scissor Sisters. He has also designed his own series of club shows: "Rave of the Thrones". As a longtime Wow-Gamer can't wait for Nairn to return to BlizzCon for another epic DJ gig alongside other gamers.


Live on the Heroes of the Storm-Tourist stage on Sunday, November 4th around 4:30 a.m. CET

Since her first release in 2012, Lindsey Stirling has become famous worldwide as a stage artist, violinist and dancer for her innovative electronic music, which she combines in a unique way with her violin and impressive show. Her trademark is not only the impressive music, but also her special choreography. Both together make their performances an unforgettable spectacle. She has just released her new Christmas album "Warmer in the Winter". All the more you shouldn't miss this performance.

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