Breaking Bad VR - Offshoot planned for Sony Playstation VR

Breaking Bad VR

One of the best TV series of all time, Breaking Bad, gets a virtual reality offshoot. As Sony announced, series creator Vince Gilligan is so excited about the new technology that he is determined to revive Breaking Bad for it. Together with Sony, a virtual reality project for the series is to appear on the Playstation.

It is not yet known what form the whole thing will take, whether a one-off project or a series will result from it. However, given the ending of Breaking Bad, chances are it can't be a direct continuation of the story. But Vince Gilligan has always been known for having innovative ideas and is sure to provide new insights into Walter White's character. Maybe the adventures of Jesse Pinkman after the series finale or a new production of episodes from the point of view of Mike, who is shadowing Walter, etc. Thanks to VR technology, you would be right in the middle of it.

Sony relies on the new medium

Sony strives to use the VR medium not only for games, but also to expand it to include films, series and new interactive films.

To this end, Sony invited 7 of the most successful series writers and inventors to experiment with VR technology. Including David Shore "The blacklist", Ron Moore"Battlestar Galactica ", as well as with Vince Gilligan the inventor of Breaking Bad , Better call Saul and longtime producer of X-Files.

They were all impressed with the technology, but Gilligan was the one who said, “I really want to do something with it. I want to experiment with it. "

As early as 2015-2016, Sony Pictures Television produced the comic book version of "Powers“As a Playstation program. The department also manages the Playstation Vue, the streaming service over the Playstation Network. According to Sony, Playstation Vue has very customer loyalty and is now growing faster than the number of Playstation devices. Many customers use the offer on their tablets, PCs or mobile devices. With that, it could become a Netflix competitor.

The combination with VR technology is intended to bring the new technology closer to the masses and make it socially acceptable.

When the Breaking Bad project will be released is not yet known, but Heisenberg fans will have to be patient until next year.

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