Can online casino games be manipulated?

Slot machine shows the seven three times.

Manipulation of the online casino games is excluded

It is the all-important question that arises in connection with the extensive range of games on offer on the Internet: Is it possible? Manipulate slot machines? The bad news first: It is not possible to directly manipulate gambling on the Internet. This becomes clear when looking at the following facts:

  • Physical access would be required for a specific manipulation
  • In the real world, you would need to have access to the slot machine, and in the network to access the data stored on the provider's servers

Even a hack to manipulate the provider's code is not very promising, because the large providers in particular have implemented extensive protection in their systems. On top of that, the attempt is already made Hack code, punishable. As a result, with casino games on the Internet, you can only concentrate on using your own skills and the right tricks to increase your chances of winning.

The right tricks can increase the chances of winning

Man is happy about a profit on the Internet.
Tricks for casino games can also be used on the Internet, so that you increase the chances of winning. Image source: baranq - 644867365 /

First of all, a targeted approach depends on which casino game is on the Internet. The following variants are popular with most players:

  • poker
  • Black jack
  • roulette
  • Slot machines

Starting with the tips for the game of poker, you should study your opponents and try to exploit their weaknesses. You can also collect data about your opponents with the help of legally available tracking software and use this to your own advantage. In blackjack, on the other hand, there is a trick of counting cards, which is known from various well-known films. Roulette, on the other hand, can be manipulated to a certain extent by always betting on one color and doubling your stake every time you fail. In theory you can't lose because of this, in practice the maximum stake limits the strategy. There are practically no tips for slot machines, but you can pay attention to the structure of the payouts.

Tips and tricks for online casino games are available on the Internet

The best place to go to find tips and tricks for casino games on the internet is still the internet. Here, page-specific tips are sometimes published, even though the various pages often offer identical games that just have a different name. For example, if you want to get closer inform about the Martingale strategy, the principle of which was explained in the previous paragraph, you can also get books on the subject. The offer is particularly rich in the poker game:

  • There are whole works on how to defeat your opponent in heads-up, for example
  • The psychological component of gambling is also discussed in many standard works

If you have friends who also play, you can also team up with them and work together to improve your own game.


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