Chrono Trigger - 4th patch for PC implementation

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Chrono trigger

Chrono trigger is probably one of the most famous classics of the early console games and unfortunately it took years before publisher Square Enix brought out an official PC version on Steam. To make matters worse, the port was also buggy and barely offered any contemporary features.

The first community feedback was accordingly negative. Fortunately, the team took these complaints to heart and is already delivering the 4th patch for the console port on Steam today. The focus for this update was mainly on the user interface and the menus.

Chrono Trigger UI

Even after the last patches, the Steam ratings changed significantly towards positive and now you can probably give a buy recommendation without hesitation.

Chrono Trigger PC Patch #4

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support of the Steam version of CHRONO TRIGGER. Today we released the fourth patch - here is a list of the updates:

  • Changes to the menu interface
    1. We have changed the user interface (working method and screen layout) on the following screens to make gaming with the controller or keyboard more convenient.
    2. Menu screen
    3. Title screen (including title menu)
    4. You can select either “Gamepad / Keyboard” or “Touch Screen / Mouse” for the interface in the “Settings” menu.
    5. The title screen stays the same regardless of your settings.
    6. The updates to the user interface that we introduced for patch #2 have been completed with this patch. However, we will continue to adjust the user interface where necessary.
  • Other adjustments and revisions
    1. Removed "Movement" in the Settings menu based on changes to the user interface.
    2. Minor bugs have been fixed.

The possibility to reassign buttons for the controller, keyboard and mouse is unfortunately delayed and will instead be added in patch #5, which is planned for the end of July.

Since there are a number of mini-games in CHRONO TRIGGER in which the player has to enter something due to the name of the controller buttons, we need some time to adjust the game rules and the button assignment feature so that they work with all of them. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please keep an eye on the next update.

Thank you again from all of us in the CHRONO TRIGGER team for your support.

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