Civilization VI - Rise and Fall expansion is coming

Civilization VI Rise and Fall

The first major expansion for Civilization VI was announced by Firaxis today: Rise & Fall. After a whole series of DLCs with new civilizations and scenarios, come with Rise & Fall a lot of new game mechanics.

Civilization VI - The new game elements

Golden and dark ages

As in real history, your civilization also follows a constant ups and downs. The Dark Ages and catastrophes such as plague and wars are followed by ascent and industrialization at some point. Accordingly, you have to adapt your strategy in Civilization VI to world events. Your neighbor is just experiencing one Dark Age? Perhaps the opportunity to take advantage of this fact. Or with reversed roles: How can you lead your people faster into a Golden Age?


A new system in which, in extreme cases, entire cities switch sides and that without war and violence. If you are doing particularly well with a city and it joins your civilization, then this also exerts corresponding pressure on the cities in the area. For the first time in the history of Civilization, cities can switch between players without military force.


These specialists allow you to carry out special actions in cities, for example the specialization production or the like.

A player can earn up to 7 governors per game and these also differ in their skills.

“Some are experts at taking an already established city to the next level by building wonders and improving trade routes. Others fit better into new cities that are building their first districts and taking their first new territories for themselves. One can be the last resort when a city is besieged and the crucial factor in defending a city against a powerful attacking army. Although governors can normally only operate in your own cities, there is one that can be assigned to city-states, which affects the envoys you have there. "

Civilzation VI


In addition, there are extended alliances which, unlike in the main game, offer more incentives for alliances. The alliances are based on types such as research, military, economy, culture or religion and the longer an alliance lasts, the longer bigger bonuses throws them off.

Emergency situations

The emergency situations are drastic events such as the deployment of a Atomic bomb or the conversion of a holy city. Civilizations selected by the game are then given the opportunity to take action against this emergency. Whether the player participates is up to him, but there are permanent advantages in successfully coping with a situation.

Your own story

Every game of Civilization VI is different and based on the Historic moments, new mini successes, this can now be better understood. You will be credited with unique achievements such as circumnavigating the world or founding a religion. This is not just a simple timeline, the historical moments will also help you move into a golden age. If you have paused a game for a long time and want to get back into it after weeks, this is also a better overview

New civilizations

Equal 9 new leaders and 8 other civilizations will be presented by the Firaxis developers in the next few weeks. On this occasion, all old leaders and nations will also be rearranged and revised in the interests of balance.

The Civilization VI Extension Rise and Fall will be released on February 8, 2018 and should cost around € 24.99.

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