Code Vein - fourth story trailer and release date


All good things come in four, because the 4th story trailer is too Code Vein finally brought us a release date today. At the 28.09.2018 The time has come and fans of action games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne can look forward to new food.

Because Code Vein hardly makes a secret of the fact that it sees itself as a typical representative of the genre. A grim dystopian future in which people are almost extinct. Monsters and people who lose their humanity, their memories and become mindless shells, plus an action-packed combat system.

All successfully tested ingredients for a new hit. The trailer released today spices the whole thing up with a typically Asian story and the unique graphic style. You can see our previous reports and videos on our Code Vein topic page find.

Code Vein trailer with lots of spoilers

Before the trailer, however, we need a clear one Spoiler warning pronounce. A lot of elements of the story are shown and told. The trailer published by Bandai Namco Japan in particular is almost twice as long as the European one and reveals important details at the end. Translated versions of this are also circulating. So if you don't want to spoil yourself too much, you should make sure that the trailer is only about 3 minutes long or watch the video linked by us.


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Nerd alert: Fans of Taro Yoko's (Nier Automata) works may have noticed a small Drakengard 3 reference in the trailer. At approx. 2:06 If you see a lady with a flower in her eye, which reminded us of Zero. We are very excited about the explanation.

Code Vein - flower in the eye

Drakengard 3 - Zero

Code Vein - Also known as "Vampire Dark Souls"

For all who have not yet heard of Code Vein heard that it is about the last enclave of the people, the Vein. The revenants need fresh blood regularly to survive, otherwise they lose their memories and become beasts. Our protagonist is looking for his memories, and we not only meet the typical NPCs in the city, but also accompany us regularly Followers into the fight. In doing so, they provide support in the form of damage, healing or resuscitation, etc.

The fights are very action-packed and in the Dark Souls style, so we have to dodge, parry and strike back at the appropriate moment. Hit it bluntly is more likely to lead to fatal counterattacks. As shown in the previous trailer, the bosses in particular are very demanding and require a lot of practice and tactics.

The Collectors Edition was also presented today via Twitter:

Code Vein will be released on September 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Since Code Vein for PC is released via Steam, the Collector's Edition is only available for consoles.

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