Code Vein - New Companion, Magic and Communication Introduced

Code Vein

After us more and more Story trailer Shortened the waiting time for Code Vein, today there was new information about one of our potential companions. Although Io Supported us mainly from the base, later in the game we can start out into the wild with her.

Io the mate

Code Vein - The Companions

The comparison with Dark Souls Code Vein has had to face itself since the first announcement, one of the features with which Code Vein clearly sets itself apart is the Companions. On our travels through the hostile world, we can take a companion with us who supports us in different ways. For example, with healing or resuscitation in combat and as an active participant.

Code Vein - Io

Io is an everything artist and can fight with her halberd as well as support us with her gifts.

Some of the gifts our companions can possess are:

  • Regenerator: Increases the health points regeneration by increasing the self-healing powers
  • Panacea Essence: Heals the status effects on the player and the companion
  • Protection of Love: Sacrifice your own life points to heal your comrade
  • Lightning Thorn: Shoot lightning and fire rays at the enemy

Multiplayer reinforcement and communication

Code Vein 3 players

Similar to the multiplayer mode in Dark Souls etc. you can call a player to you and then face three of them against the enemies. The called player also receives items and haze that are dropped by the opponents.

Communication via arrow emojis

The communication takes place via gestures and emotes. But instead of only pointing in one direction, Code Vein offers a lot more variation.

Players communicate via emojis

Code Vein will be released worldwide on September 28th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Japanese players are lucky enough to start the action on the 27th.

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