Code Vein - New Companions Introduced

Code Vein

Bandai Namco has new information about her Action RPG Code Vein released. We are introduced to 2 of the possible companions, the weapon types and the Boss Queen's Knight.

Code Vein Companions

Code Vein - The Companions

Before anyone thinks of 4 hobbits, wrong story! The player's companions in Code Vein are revenants themselves and have the same thirst for blood as we do. Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux actually belong to the opposite side, but still stand by the player's side during certain special events.

Jack Rutherford has the unconfident nickname "Revenant Hunter" and is feared by enemies and allies. Similar to Lous, Jack fights with a one-handed sword while in the second hand he wields the "Hounds" Blood Veil. So a very aggressive fighting style.

Eva Roux is Jack's female companion. Jack once saved her life and she stays by his side to pay that debt. Eva is similar to Mia in that she also uses a bayonet as a weapon.

Both have a complicated relationship with the player, but work together under certain circumstances.

The Code Vein weapon types have different attacks

Code Vein two-handed

With the weapon types the different attacks were explained so each weapon has a weak attack, a heavy / strong attack and some offer a charge / charge attack. The weak attack is used for the combos, so the one-handed sword offers a 4 level combo diagonal slash → horizontal slash → vertical slash → rising slash. The opponent is hit 4x from different directions.

Queen's Knight

Code Vein Queen's Knight

The Queen's Knight is a lost man who stands in the player's path with a huge spear-like sword. In addition to his shield, he also has a ranged attack with the blades on his back. His quick attack leaves the player with little opportunity to counterattack. If the player manages to injure him anyway and bring his life points below a certain point, the Queen's Knight switches to a new mode with even stronger attacks.

Code Vein Phase 2

Code Vein will be released for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018.

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