Code Vein - New details on the vampire Dark Souls

Code Vein

Bandai Namco has released new information about Code Vein and introduces us to, among other things, the Blood Tears. After some brilliant Trailers, we now learn more details about the abilities of our character and meet 2 companions.

Code Vein - Blood Tears

As Revenant the thirst for blood indulges us in Code Vein no break. Besides real blood, the only way out is that Blood Tears, these grow like fruits on special plants, the "Blood Tear Springs". Now the problem is that Blood Tear Springs are dying and blood tears are becoming rarer with each passing day.

Code Vein - Blood Tear

Fortunately, our protagonist's special ability is that he can save the Blood Tear Springs from withering and breathe new life into them. So by donating our own blood, we are reactivating these sources to Blood Tears.

Another, not yet described, ability of our hero is to activate "Parasitic plants" so parasitic plants. What benefit we get from this is not yet known.

2 new companions - Louis & Yakumo

In addition to the Blood Tears, two other companions are also presented, Louis and Yakumo.


Louis is a very strong fighter with a sense of justice and we meet him when he is helping us out of a predicament. Louis roams through the game distributing Blood Tears to weaker players, so he shows a special interest in the player when he sees Blood Tear Springs come to life.


Code Vein - Yakumo

Yakumo, also owes his life to Louis. After Yakumo's awakening as a revenant, he gave in to his thirst for blood and became one Lost. Ever since Louis saved him from this fate, he has been traveling by his side.

Crystallized memory of a revenant

Another unique ability of our main character is experiencing crystallized memories. If we find a crystal that carries the memories of a revenant, we can experience them in a flashback. Since we ourselves are looking for the story of our hero, this ability is very important. The more memories we reveal from other revenants or our companions, the closer we get to our own history.

Code Vein - Memory Flashback

Code Vein will be released in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

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