Conan Exiles removes PvE: Conflict server

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Conan Exiles

Just a few days after the end of Early Access For Conan Exiles the developers incur the displeasure of many fans. The decision PvE: conflict Deleting servers doesn't exactly meet with enthusiasm.

For the release there were 3 server types on which the players could settle:

  • PvP: The fight against players is always possible. However, buildings can only be damaged during the main season 5 pm-11pm
  • PvE: No player versus player combat
  • PvE conflict: Buildings cannot be damaged. Player versus player fights are limited to the main game time from 1pm to 11pm.

The official release of Conan Exiles caused a flood of players so that more servers had to be set up, but according to the developers, the PvE: Conflict servers were underpopulated and not fully utilized. So the decision was made to convert the conflict servers into "normal" PvP servers.

For many fans, this decision was not necessarily a joy. If you jumped into the game and started building your outpost, you suddenly find yourself in a precarious situation. Because believing the building on the PvE: Conflict is in "safety", many chose an exposed location. On PvP servers, the players build much more hidden and according to other aspects that make a defense easier.

The outposts, the now forcibly landed on PvP servers, should not survive long.

Statement from Community Manager AndyB in response to disappointed Conan Exiles fans:

Hey all

Thanks for letting us know how you feel about the change. I'll be the first to admit this isn't an ideal situation, and I understand if you're frustrated about it.

As the pitchforks impale me, I would like to first at least present our reasoning behind the change:

  1. From a numbers perspective, our timeline data showed PvE Conflict servers were generally under capacity at many times, which tells us the servers weren't as popular.
  2. There was overwhelming demand for new servers, particularly PvP servers, which data showed were packed at nearly all times. A look at social media or the forums corroborates this!

In order to meet the demands of the rapidly-growing community, we wanted to fast-track as many new PvP servers online as possible. This included converting PvE Conflict into PvP servers.

Now, clearly, there's some unrest about this decision. We certainly can't blame you and we're sorry for disrupting your gaming experience. Now, I'll be honest: while we can't give any immediate promises about what the future of PvE Conflict as a game mode will be in the future, I will say the team is acutely aware of the feedback you're sending our way.

So please, keep letting us know what you think. Thanks all

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