Dark Souls - Remaster Version Rumors

Dark Souls

A tweet that has now been deleted causes a stir in the Dark Souls Fan community, so a remaster version should be in the works. On December 15th, the publisher of Dark Souls 1, Bandai Namco, will hold an event to show 5 previously unannounced games.

Dark Souls - Remaster Rumors via Twitter

The follow-up tweet "One of the games being announced will be a Dark Souls One Remaster." - "One of the games that is being announced is Dark Souls 1 Remaster" was deleted very quickly.

But if you know the Internet, you won't get away from this, which is why screenshots of the tweet were circulated directly on the relevant forums.

Dark Souls

How seriously this exciting news is to be taken is difficult to assess at the moment. The complete Dark Souls Series enjoys unabated popularity, so that there is definitely a market for a new version. The PC version of Dark Souls 1 was also a rather "bumpy" port at the time. The "Prepare to Die" Version that appeared on Steam suffered from bad textures, FPS problems and was only really playable after a fan had patched it. The DSfix Mod from Durante was certainly not entirely innocent of the success of the PC version and has it Programmers have now even found a job in the industry.

Earlier statements by chief developer Hidetaka Miyazaki, the rights for Dark Souls 1 really lie with Bandai Namco, the former distribution partner of From Software. Bandai could, for example, remaster and re-release the game without the assistance of From Software.

So at least nothing speaks against the possibility that the rumors are true. We will probably only find out more details on December 15th at the presentation.

Especially enthusiastic fans who are already dreaming of additional content should be careful. A remastered version is mostly just the adaptation of the program to modern PCs and consoles, with improved graphics, more FPS and a few small changes. For example the unfinished and unloved zone "Lost Izalith“To change and complete, however, would be a real remake. Accordingly, even in a remastered version, you can rely on the popular "Bed of chaos“Boss look forward.



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