Darkest Dungeon - The Color Of Madness Launch Trailer

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Darkest Dungeon Color of Madness

Only 3 days left until your tortured heroes get into the latest DLC from Darkest Dungeon plunge and discover the secrets of Miller Farm.

Today there was already the official release trailer:


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Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness is somewhat reminiscent of HPLovecraft's The Color of Outer Space, because a meteor and the madness it triggered is an issue here too.

The Color of Madness is about the new location: the farm. There are no more signs of life from their inhabitants since the day of the comet's crash.

Since our lively heroes have long crawled out of a dungeon insane, bleeding, cursed or contaminated, we have nothing better to do than travel to the farm and expose ourselves to new terror there.

Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness features

The features of the DLC:

  • New area: the farmhouse
  • Endless Quest: Survive as long as you can against endless waves of enemies on the way to the crash site of the meteorite.
  • New trinkets that can be bought at the jeweler. But only against meteorite splinters, your gold is of no use here.
  • The new opposing faction: the miller and his loyal workers. Turned into creepy monsters, they are not kind to you.
  • 3 new bosses: the miller, the thing from the stars and the comet itself!
  • Expand your village by 4 more district buildings and enjoy their advantages
  • New quirks with powerful, unique effects
  • The most extensive addition to the soundtrack to date, contributed by Stuard Chatwood

Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness will be released on June 19th.

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