Death Stranding - E3 trailer for Kojima's new masterpiece

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Death Stranding

The E3 trailer of Kojima's next masterpiece is almost 8 minutes long Death Stranding and raises more questions than it answers.


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Anyone who believed that an 8-minute video should finally give some answers and details about the background was just as surprised as we were. Instead, questions about the mysterious Death Stranding creatures, the embryos and the catastrophe that dominates this world remain open. Rather, new questions arise. Only the secret of the female protagonists was revealed: Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Léa Seydoux should especially come from the last one James Bond - Specter be known and from Mission Impossible - Phantom Protocol. Your portrayal in Mission Impossible caught the attention of Game Director Kojima.

Death Stranding - Lea Seydoux

Lindsay Wagner should just be older through the 80s series "The Seven Million Dollar Woman" be known or in the series Warehouse 13. Your alter ego in the game is designed quite young.

Death Stranding - Lindsay Wagner

Death Stranding - Norman Reedus plays the postman

The video shows Sam Bridges aka Norman Reedus apparently doing his "job" and distributing deliveries. What exactly he is delivering is not entirely clear, but he is sometimes dragging almost strange-looking stacks around with him or in one case a corpse?

Death Stranding - Sam Bridges

He walks through a picturesque landscape which is probably the most likely Iceland equals and must be prepared for attacks from invisible creatures at all times. You can only see the footprints of them, because they are only visible in the light of a special sensor that Sam later unpacks. At this point we probably see the first gameplay sequences, because Sam sneaks through whole hordes of creepy creatures. He has to focus on his Sensor lamp leaving the monsters visible.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date.

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