Death Stranding - New 4K Trailer

Death Stranding

On the occasion of the Games Awards there was the latest trailer for the eagerly awaited Death Stranding. In addition to chief developer Hideo Kojima, were also known from The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus and Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro at the event.

Norman Reedus plays the main character in Death Strandingwhile del Toro has a guest appearance in the game as a game fan and close friend of Kojima. If you thought the 8 minute long trailer, which is even available in 4K resolution on the Kojima Production YouTube Channel, would answer some of the countless questions, you don't know Hideo Kojima well.

After watching the trailer, the fans tended to make statements like “What the hell happened there?” “What a mindfuck”. But all the statements had one thing in common: The fans want more. Especially the aloof story with what appears to be clone children and huge extraterrestrial beings makes you want more. Kojima has always been known for unusual stories and twists in a game, and since Konami left, he has been able to use his creativity to the full in his first self-produced game.

Death Stranding - baby clones as lifebuoys?

Death Stranding

The new trailer makes some assumptions seem likely. The babies that are being carried around appear to be clones that in the moment of danger are considered a species Escape pod be thrown off. Up to this moment they are connected to their "father" and so absorb the memories. This would explain the tears of Reedu's character when he sees that the escape pod with the “baby” of his comrade has been destroyed. Because then his comrade is finally dead.

The end of the trailer, on the other hand, raises new questions: Where do these creatures come from that seem to hunt people? Did we find them in space or draw our attention to them? What is the black, oily substance from which beings appear?

Death Stranding

These questions will probably only be answered in the finished game and that may take a while. So far there is no target publication date for Death Stranding.

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