Destiny 2 - Developers on the status of Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Developers yesterday commented on the current state of the game and future plans.

Destiny 2 - Planned Updates

  • New bonuses and reward systems
    • New weapon tier
    • Better dealer rewards
    • Armor ornaments
  • More incentives for completing heavy prestige activities. These come in January
  • Better rewards and motivation for replaying strikes / adventures / lost sectors.
    • A Heroic Strikes Playlist with additional rewards is to come in December
  • Melting pot - private matches are planned for early 2018
  • Crucible - A new system to penalize leaving matches
  • Continuous improvements to the Iron Banner and Group Battles, including the uniqueness of the rewards
    • The next iron banner and the next group fights come with improvements in both areas
  • More interesting mods that have more influence
  • Improvement on the exotic, the occurrence of duplicates should also be reduced.
  • Alternative ways to spend excess materials and currencies
    • New items at Xûr
  • An improved gesture interface, more about that next year

Some changes already in December

There was also a detailed list of the changes, some of which were coming in December. General goals of the updates:

  • Better rewards for advanced players
  • More player control for receiving rewards
  • Fragments should be useful by adding things that can also be used
  • General quality fixes, wherever possible


Destiny 2 masterpieces

  • [12. DEC.] Legendary weapon drop as "Masterpiece“Versions or can be upgraded as such
    • Masterworks have a few advantages over typical Legendary weapons:
      • The kill count for this weapon (you can choose between “Total” and “Crucible only”) is tracked and displayed
      • Create spheres for yourself and your allies through multi-kills
      • Adds weapon stats bonuses that are randomly selected from a small assortment and can be awarded repeatedly at random
    • Masterworks can drop from any source of legendary weapons if your character has at least 250 power
      • Unwanted masterpieces can be broken down into materials that can upgrade an existing Legendary Weapon into a masterpiece
      • Raid and Trials of the Nine weapons have a high probability of masterwork
    • We have plans to expand the masterpieces to further equipment in the future and to display your kill number in other places (for example in a melting pot kill display)

Weapon ornaments

  • [05. DEC.] Armor ornaments will be added to some existing armor sets to provide visual customization without losing your shaders or mods
    • These ornaments are unlocked by completing objectives set for each set. This activation then applies permanently and across accounts - as is the case with exotic weapon ornaments
    • They are applied to the standard copies if you may have already collected them. Otherwise they will then be activated at dealerships
    • In Season 2, the following sets will have ornaments that can be unlocked through each activity:
      • Vanguard group armor
      • Crucible group armor
      • Trials of the Nine Armor
      • Iron banner armor
      • Dead orbit armor
      • War cult of the future armor
      • New monarchy armor
      • Eater of Worlds Raid Wing Armor
  • [12. DEC.] Group armor and weapons will be available for purchase from most group vendors for Legendary Fragments and Group Tokens
    • All five armor slots are always shown and weapons will change weekly with the groups that have them
    • Slots are unlocked by receiving bonus engrams from the respective group
    • You will receive credits for engrams that you may have already received since publication

Destiny 2 - New range at Xûr

  • [12. DEC.] Xûr has a few new offers for players who have a thing for the exotic:
    • Each week, in exchange for Legendary Fragments, you can receive one of the new Fate Engrams, which, when decrypted, contain an exotic item that you do not yet have in your collection
    • A simpler “Three of Coins” that increases drop rates for exotic items from all sources for 4 hours
      • No more obscure stacking mechanisms or re-use before each boss
      • These cost Legendary Fragments and you can have as many as you want

General investment

  • [05. DEC.] Banshee has a couple of updates on the weapon and armor mod front:
    • Players who want to make room in their mod inventory can dismantle rare mods into weapons master materials and thus get the chance to create legendary mod components
    • Players looking for certain Legendary Mods (including Legendary Kinetic Mods) shouldn't miss Banshee's selection of certain Legendary Mods that are available for purchase. This selection changes daily and costs Legendary Fragments and Mod Components
  • [05. DEC.] Players looking for a Legendary or collecting masterpieces should stop by Master Rahool as he sells some of his infamous Legendary Engrams in exchange for Legendary Fragments
  • [12. DEC.] Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx will be selling Gift Consumables in exchange for Legendary Shards, which can be used during a Strike or Crucible Match and cause:
    • Bonus rewards for everyone in the activity when it is completed - both friends and opponents
    • For everyone in the match, there can be anything from group tokens to exotic items

Exploit protection

  • [12. DEC.] Exploit protections for chests and resource nodes are being severely scaled down and players should be confronted with them less often
    • And if that does happen, the drop rates for tokens are only reduced to 30 % instead of 0 % and mica will not be affected at all
    • We want to combine this with a visual indicator in a future update, but we haven't done that for this update (we know what you're asking!)
  • [12. DEC.] Merchants now only ask you to give them your reputation tokens if you have enough of them to earn a bonus
  • [05. DEC.] Changes to Reputation Tokens:
    • Daily challenges are given higher Reputation Token rewards across the board
    • Cayde's treasure chests continue to offer variable rewards, but there is now a guaranteed (and at least) distribution of reputation tokens that correspond to the location
    • Strikes will drop a higher number of Vanguard Reputation Tokens
    • Target resource tokens of normal quality receive a drop rate of 100 % and the value per token is also increased (by 50 % for normal tokens and by 250 % for rare tokens)
    • To create a good balance, the required reputation per reward engram increases for destination groups (+ 37 %) and the armorer (+ 50 %)
    • Leviathan raid tokens are redeemed directly when Benedict receives the token, instead of a complete completion being required for activation

So a lot of content and improvements for Destiny 2 players. You can find the complete blog of the developers on the Official Destiny 2 site.

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