Destiny 2 - New roadmap released

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Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Developers today released the schedule for next year and planned new content, features and events. Including finally clan chat for PC players in summer!

In addition to many seasonal events and Balance changes of weapons, there are always new twilight cards with challenges. There is also a stylish overview graphic:

Destiny 2 roadmap

The fact that the clan chat only comes in the summer, however, ensures a lot of snappy comments in the community. Such a central feature in an online game should have been available from the start. The lack of interaction in the game has unfortunately ruined the community feeling for many players and thus the Destiny 2 experience.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this and the other announced features justify a start or a return to the exciting and ingenious world of D2. You will find all the information below:

Destiny 2 Development April 11, 2018

Since the beginning of the year, we've been setting slightly more specific expectations when it comes to working to support Destiny 2. Now that we can see a few Season 2 updates in the rearview mirror, it's time to look to the future. But before we turn to development priorities, Game Director Christopher Barrett tell us about intentions for this summer and beyond.

Barrett: The team is really excited to expand the schedule and tell you all about it. The last few updates have focused on live game issues that needed our attention, but our vision for the future over the coming months is to gather key player feedback to make transformative changes to Destiny 2. 

We'll soon dig deeper into the details of the items listed, and there's more we can't talk about right now, but right now our full attention is on delivering the promises to make Destiny 2 the hobby we do again love.

There's already a lot of conversation going on in the community about the things we're developing for Season 4. Our goal for these features is to give you both more control over how you compose loadouts and more reasons to play the game for the long term. We also want to bring back the exciting moments of getting the perfect weapon. To make this possible, updates such as random rolls for weapons, weapon slot changes, equipment collections and certificates are delivered to all players.

There is now a plan for changes to the Prestige raid (including raid tracts) that we will incorporate into the next development preview. Mod changes will also be incorporated into our new weapon random roll plan.

At the 8th of MaySo with the start of Season 3, we're also releasing the second expansion for Destiny 2. It's called "War spirit" and send yourselves to new places where you meet new heroes and new enemies. And of course it is important to earn new loot in new activities. Today there's the name and the release date. in the Reveal stream at the April 24th is there more. Make a note of the dates and follow us Twitch.

Destiny 2 expansions

Season 3 marks the beginning of a new plan for how we will make Crucible content available. The new Crucible Cards for "War Spirit" will be available to all Destiny 2 players in the matchmaking area. The same goes for cards that we published in "Curse of Osiris". In order not to tear the community in the Crucible apart, everyone will see the new arenas in playlists such as Quick Play, Competitive, Trials of the Nine, Iron Banners and the new weekly rotating which includes Rumble and Cauldron. That means: more opponents for everyone. When it comes to private matches, however, players must purchase each expansion in order to have exclusive access to these Crucible cards if they want to play them with other players in private matches. This plan will come into effect on May 8th at the start of Season 3.

The conversation about our creative process will continue as usual. You can learn more about the new features as we take a closer look at them in the dev comments. And should these plans change, as is the nature of plans, then update this schedule monthly.

Thanks for joining us on the trip for your feedback, and thanks for playing.

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