Destiny 2 - PC Version appears with a controversial aimot

Destiny 2 PC Launch Trailer

Today finally appears Destiny 2 for the PC and the fan base it can hardly be expected. Still, there is a small drop of sadness. Already in the PC beta it was noticeable that the aimot intended for console gamers with a controller / gamepad was also active in the PC version.

Since a gamepad is usually too slow and imprecise in such an action-packed, fast shooter like Destiny, there is a small aiming aid in the form of a Aimbots. The players do not have to position the target cross 100% exactly. With shooters on PC, this is due to the precision of Mouse keyboard not necessary. In the PC beta of Destiny 2 it was already possible with little tricks to pretend to the program that a gamepad was being used and thus to activate the built-in aimot. Nevertheless, with these tricks you could still use the mouse & keyboard and thus take advantage of the additional advantage.

Especially in a game where Player versus Player (PvP) Fights and matches occupy such an important place, that was a problem. Despite the concerns of the community, developer Bungie has now decided to publish the game with this feature.

Destiny 2 - Technically better than the consoles

Other peculiarities of the PC version are, for example, the lack of a chat, there are no extra channels in guilds or clans, only teams, FireTeams and whispers can write. This deficiency has its roots in the console's origin of the game.

New content like DLCs or Extensions should appear simultaneously for PC and consoles. The waiting time between the two versions when they are released is said to have been a one-time thing. And the best feature: the PC version is technically much more sophisticated! Even compared to the very convincing beta, there were a number of improvements and optimizations. So maybe the wait was worth it after all.

The future will show how the discussion about the Aimbot feature will continue and whether Bungie will make adjustments again. Destiny 2 for PC launches October 24th and is available through Blizzard's desktop app.

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