Destiny 2 developer plans for 2018

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Developer at Bungie is definitely not the easiest position at the moment, almost every week a new storm of indignation breaks in over the developers and their design decisions.

Destiny 2 - No Peaceful Holidays

Even that Winter event "The Dawning" rather caused excitement and complaints from fans. The event mainly brings new cosmetic items, which, unlike normal holidays and special celebrations, do not appear in the standard loot boxes. The only thing left for the player to do is reach for his wallet to get the coveted things in the Real money shop to buy.

Where other game developers use events to tie the players to the screen for days / weeks, the focus at Destiny 2 is clearly on pulling as much additional money as possible out of the customer's pockets via the micro transactions.

Unimpressed wishes Christopher Barrett from Bungie to the fans via Twitter Merry Christmas and at the same time tries to create a better atmosphere with announced changes and features.

So it should be in the coming Iron banner and Faction Rally events, brand new armor ornaments and new cosmetic items.

Another point is the revision of the raid rewards and items, the most difficult challenges should also give corresponding rewards.

Destiny 2 - Dawning

And at the end of the almost obligatory excuse that Bungie criticized Real Money Shop / Eververse perceives and takes itself to heart. Together with the community, the development team would like to work on an update next year

How much faith one should put into such statements is up to everyone. Many fans fear that the balance sheet is much more important for publisher Activision than the long-term damage at the moment Destiny 2 Franchise is added.

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