Destiny 2 Roadmap and Plans for 2018

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Team at Bungie is struggling with a lot of problems, although the game is selling very well, there are regular headlines from disappointed players and criticism of the real money shop in the game. In fact, barely a week has passed since the release in which Bungie's PR department did not have to apologize for some mishap.

Destiny 2 - tons of promises

With the detailed presentation of the Plans for 2018, The developers are now trying to ensure transparency in advance and give the players something to look forward to.

First, the categories of content are defined more precisely:

Destiny 2 roadmap


It is clear to the developers that the linchpin of many complaints and problems Eververse Tess is a dealer. What was once intended as a bonus became a replacement for end game content and rewards. This is to be remedied and activity rewards are more likely to be used as rewards for new content. It is planned that coveted items such as ghosts, sparrows and ships, which were previously only available with gloss engrams, will also be available via the playable bonus fund.

In general, there should be new options for gloss engrams and the players should have a better chance of getting their desired items.

The scarlet fever week

For the first time these adjustments will be seen in Scarlet Fever Week:

“We've already started making changes for Scarlet Fever Week, which starts February 13th (with even more changes for Season 3): 

  • Completion of Dusk Raid and Scarlet Week Milestones during Scarlet Week will each earn you an exclusive Legendary Gesture, Weapon Skin, and Exotic Sparrow unique to these activities.
  • Players will earn double engrams as they level up for the duration of the event: a Scarlet Engram and an Enlightened Engram.
  • Scarlet Engrams can also appear on Scarlet Week Match completions or when completing the Scarlet Week Milestone with a character.
  • Each scarlet engram has a greater tendency to give you new rewards as it is deciphered until you have all the new event items. "

EP rates

Regularly a point of criticism from fans, the unbalanced earnings rates caused displeasure and take away the motivation to play. The developers' first attempted solutions were, according to their own statements, "superbuggy" and accordingly they are continuing to work on new improvements.

January update for all Destiny 2 players

  • Masterpiece armor
    • We are expanding the masterpiece system to include armor. 
    • Masterwork armor offers increased damage reduction when using your Super. 
    • You can re-roll the stat type of Masterwork Armor and, similar to Masterwork weapons, you can upgrade a piece of armor to Masterwork by using Masterwork Cores and Legendary Fragments.
  • Raid bonus processing
    • We're freshening up the raid rewards to make them more unique and interesting. They now come with raid-specific mods, and we're adjusting the rewards to ensure that every major encounter comes with a raid item too. The raid vendor will also sell Leviathan and World Eater armor and weapons directly in exchange for raid tokens and Legendary Fragments.
    • We're adding a new ghost that has raid-specific perks. It can be obtained at final Leviathan and World Eater encounters. We plan to create more raid-specific and other activity-specific rewards.

The same style continues with the February update, through the spring to the autumn patch. At least on paper, it solves a lot of problems, and fixes most of the fan criticism Destiny 2 made a significantly better game. It remains to be seen whether and what of this will actually be implemented and whether there will be no more problems. Many players are rather skeptical about the whole thing and do not want to be fooled again after the previous series of bankruptcies.

If you are interested, you can find the complete roadmap for Destiny 2 year 2018 at official site.

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