Diablo 3 - Coming for the Switch

Diablo 3 - Cover of the Reaper of Souls Edition

It was not the Star of Bethlehem that showed us the way, rather it was Diablo 3 light switch (Switch). Because as was suspected by many at the time, the Diablo 3 Switch was the first notice on an upcoming Switch version of the action RPG hit from Blizzard.

An article appeared tonight, which has since been deleted Forbes who announced the Diablo 3 Switch version with exclusive content. The game news site Kotaku confirmed this news a few hours later.

So Diablo 3 should appear for the Nintendo Switch this year, the Diablo III Eternal Collection includes the main game, the expansion Reaper of Souls and the Necromancer (Necromancer) Pack. So all previously published additional content. There are also cosmetic features like an armor set from The Legend of Zelda, with which you can look like Ganondorf.

Diablo 3 - picture by Ganondorf from Zelda
Source: http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Ganondorf

Diablo 3 with local multiplayer mode

Unlike on PC, there will be other multiplayer modes, up to 4 players should be able to play in local cooperation mode on one or more consoles. The PC variant is no longer required to use the Internet. But even if you don't have 3 friends at home, you can of course enjoy the multiplayer mode via your internet connection.

The Diablo III Eternal Collection will cost 59.99 € and will be released this year. Hopefully this announcement is the first of many news about new Diablo content and games. Just recently, Blizzard announced on Twitter that several products in development are.

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