Diablo 3 - Several new projects in the works

Diablo 3

Via Twitter today, Blizzard has the hopes of the Diablo 3 Fans reignited and new franchise projects announced.

Diablo 3 rumors have been around for years

The theme of Diablo 3 and sequels has given rise to countless rumors and often disappointed hopes in recent years. Fans browse the daily Blizzard job offers and every time there was a new job posting for the Diablo franchise, the forums exploded with threads. Hopes for an official sequel with Diablo 4 or a complete remake of the classic Diablo 2 up to a new extension there was almost everything.

Every year fans eagerly waited for BlizzCon to analyze the size of the Diablo 3 booth to be "sure" that there would be a big reveal. However, these hopes were disappointed every year. Except for little things like that Birthday event and the associated retro dungeon, there was only the new class Necromancer. This made many fans happy, but because of the price, many dismissed it as a "rip-off". In the long term, Diablo 3 could not breathe new life into it. The last real expansion was a few years ago with Reaper of Souls, which was released in March 2014.

Also the missing changes or new items in the last 3 seasons showed more and more that the game in the "maintenance mode“Is and is only being serviced, but not further developed. Also the theme of the current 14th season with greed and the feature with the double Treasure goblins is nice, but has been used for weekend events in the past.

Diablo 3 projects in progress

The news via Twitter came all the more surprising today that Blizzard has several Diablo projects in the works.

Like community manager Brandy Camel explained in the short video on Twitter, the topics for the seasons should be further developed, on the other hand it reveals that in the blizzard there are several irons in the fire. Some of them are still a long way from completion (Diablo 4?), Others should be shown later in the year.

So this year you can really look forward to BlizzCon 2018 and real news about the Diablo franchise.

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