DOTA 2 - New record in prize money for The International


That e-sports are the new big thing is no secret to most gamers, 100 million viewers at League of Legends100 million prize money for the Fortnite tournament season and now the DOTA 2 Tournament continues The International 2018 a new record. 24,848,181 million US dollars in prize money have already been collected as a prize pool for a single tournament.

The International - The biggest DOTA 2 event of the year

The 2017 result was topped once again and now 11 million US dollars are waiting for the winning team alone. Last year the Team Liquid DOTA 2 team was able to win the final and was happy about the money.

DOTA 2 prize pool over the years
Source: Valve

The prize pool for the International is sponsored by DOTA 2 Publisher Valve with only $1.6 million. The lion's share comes from crowdfunding of the community. Whoever purchases the Battlepass contributes 25% to the prize money and in return receives various goodies such as in-game events, skins, sprays, emoji and and and. The Battlepass has different levels and can be upgraded up to a max level of 75, where you are entitled to all bonus stuff.

No wonder that hundreds of thousands of DOTA 2 fans access the game every year and thus indirectly provide the gigantic profits for the teams.

You can download the contents of this year's Battlepass to Valves Homepage find.

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