Dragon Ball FighterZ - Launch Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ

"Many Fight, but only a few ... are FighterZ!" With this cool motto, Bandai Namco brings us the official launch trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The fans had to wait a long time, but this Friday, January 26th, the time has finally come. Because then the beating spectacle appears for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Android 21

According to initial reports and tests, Dragon Ball FighterZ lives up to its advance praise. A new playable character will be revealed in the launch trailer with Android 21. Android 21 will play a major role in story mode in particular and will answer or even raise important questions. Is the scientist with the immense knowledge and the connection to Android 16 an alien? These and other questions will be asked next week in the next episode of Dragon Ball… ok luckily we just have to wait until Friday to hopefully get all the answers.

You will then find the official announcement from Bandai Namco, we added the trailer for you at the beginning of the article:

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Launch Trailer

“The eagerly awaited fighting game is in the starting blocks for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and STEAM for PC and other distribution platforms. At the end of the week all fans will be able to throw themselves into endlessly spectacular battles with almighty fighters! In the meantime, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe released a launch trailer for DRAGON BALL FighterZ and more details on Dragon Ball games.

With Android 21 A new, formidable, playable character is unveiled today, featuring several unique Ultimate Attacks DRAGON BALL FighterZ connect! Android 21 plays an important role in the story mode of DRAGON BALL FighterZwho is supervised by Akira Toriyama. A mysterious scientist, she is known to have the same knowledge as the person who created the androids: Dr. Gero. Her story is still unclear, but it's linked to Android 16. Is she an alien?

With her Ultimate Attack Tasting Cut, she not only drains the life energy of her opponents but also gains her attacks! The more players know how the other characters are played, the greater the respective advantages! With her Ultimate Attack, Meteor, she can fire a beam that turns the enemy into a cake!          

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is available from January 26, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via STEAM and other distribution platforms. "

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