Eve Online developers start new MMORPG project

Eve Online

Although CCP, the development studio behind Eve Online, has had rather negative headlines lately, it now seems to be starting a new big MMORPG project.

As can be read in a job advertisement, CCP is building a new team in London and is looking for a lead designer and team leader.

"CCP is currently building a team in London to lead development on a new and highly ambitious MMORPG. We are looking to grow a relatively small, tight-knit team, capable of delivering big ideas through experience, smart process, and world-class tools.

We are looking for a new lead designer to join this growing team, responsible for leading a small team of experienced designers in the development and execution of our game design. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrable track record of leading design teams on multiple high-profile titles, and ideally experience of RPG gameplay and systems design development. "

Eve Online Online developer with plans for a new MMORPG

We are specifically looking for an experienced team leader who already has a well-known MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) has developed and published.

The requirements are high and in line with the standards that CCP expects when they speak of an "extremely ambitious MMORPG project". More detailed information on the planned project has not yet emerged. However, the project should not be beyond a rough concept and general direction. Even if a lead designer were found and hired today, the average development time for such a comprehensive game would be at least 2-3 years. So it's not worth looting the piggy bank just yet.

In the last few months, CCP has been attacking news Downsizing and a shrinking team. There was even a stronger focus on Eve Online announced. Whether and what effects the new project will have on the resources and new content for Eve Online remains to be seen.

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