Eve Online developers use the Unreal 4 engine for their MMO

Eve Online

about We reported the first rumors and tips back in December, now there are finally tangible details. The Eve Online Doer CCP Games have dealt with Epic Games Agree on a deal to use the Unreal 4 engine. With the Unreal 4 Engine all previously unannounced CCP projects will be created.

Eve Online makers are not looking into their cards yet

As James Dobrowski explained to pcgamer, one of those projects is one Action-inspired MMO. Dobrowski is the Executive Producer of the previously nameless project and works at CCP Studio London. By using the Unreal 4 engine saves the team an incredible amount of time in developing the game. For many functions and game systems there are already prototypes that only have to be adapted. So the team can focus on gameplay and creating beautiful worlds.

So far, CCP is purely for Eve Online known, the monumental Online Space Sim, which regularly makes headlines with gigantic space battles or political intrigue and drama.

Well-known Unreal 4 Engine games

One of the best-known representatives of Unreal 4 games is likely to be Epic Games' own Battle Royale Fortnite, which is an integral part of the scene at the moment. But the engine is also used for many other projects, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake by Square Enix or the recently released Octopath Traveler. There is an extensive list on Wikipedia.

Hopefully the developers will soon reveal more information about CCP's planned projects.


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