EVE Online Community Honors Stephen Hawking

Eve Online

The world or the universe of EVE Online is normally not a peaceful place, but in honor of Stephen Hawking many players and alliances have agreed on a ceasefire.

The world-famous physicist who recently died on March 14, 2018 Stephen Hawking has fascinated many non-physicists with his theories and explanations about the structure of the universe. Regular guest appearances on popular television series such as The Simpsons, Star Trek: The Next Generation or The Big Bang Theory made for a huge popularity.

EVE Online Congregation Honors Stephen Hawking

Accordingly, it is no surprise that Eve Online players were deeply affected by the news of Hawking's death. As an honor and homage, thousands of players all over the universe ignite so-called beacons. Even among bitter enemies, there is currently a truce and the entire community is united in honoring the dead. Because the ignition of a beacon leaves the spaceship for some time without maneuverability and very vulnerable.

The fans have also published a collection of screenshots on imgur showing some very impressive scenes.

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On one of the last screenshots, the players are in New Eden System to see in which, according to the background story of the game, the Eve Gate is located. This is where mankind is said to have started into space for the first time. This system is remote and very insecure, so players had to take quite a trip and risk to light up the beacons there.

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