Eve Online - Player destroys his alliance and loots € 13,000

EVE Online

Eve Online is not only the largest and most famous space trading game, but also known for the political intrigue and intrigue that decide entire wars.

Eve Online - Game of Thrones in Space

There are many stories of treason, espionage or the robbery of entire alliances, but one story this week was out of the ordinary. A high-ranking member of the alliance CO2 had enough after long problems and disrespect of the alliance leadership and started his exit. “The Judge”, as the player is called, was a member of CO2 for more than 5 years and had accordingly invested a lot of time and work into the alliance, but has recently been increasingly dissatisfied with the alliance leader “gigX”.

In his Justification thread on Reddit The Judge writes how CO2 was slowly but surely ruined by leader gigX and whose plans they even disband. The Judge couldn't and didn't want to watch this anymore and decided to end it with a big bang on his terms. And thus to ensure that he got something for himself for the years of "work".

Through his long involvement in the alliance, The Judge was a high-ranking member with full access rights to almost all accounts, stations, equipment etc. of CO2.

So it was easy for him to get over 1 trillion of the in-game currency ISK.

Thousands of Alliance members stranded

After exploiting the accounts, The Judge was but far from finished. Thanks to his extensive rights, he transferred all space stations to the greatest enemies of C02, namely the alliances Goonswarm and TEST. For the sale of the CO2 Keepstar to Goons why he should have received another 300 trillion ISK.

At this point you have to doubt something about The Judge's statement that he only wanted to meet the CO2 leader gigX. Because now thousands of CO2 members with their spaceships were suddenly docked at enemy space stations.

There they could not be attacked directly, but since Goonswarm and TEST changed the docking rules and thus prevented the CO2 member from returning to the hangar, they were fair game for the waiting fleets when they undocked and were destroyed.

Those who stayed calm and did not try to escape can save at least part of their possessions by waiting 20 days and then selling / transferring their ships and cargo at a loss.

In both cases a great loss for thousands of loyal Alliance supporters.

Almost € 13,000 loot in ISK

If you add up the loot and convert it using the subscription costs, which you can either pay in ISK or euros, you get a theoretical value of almost € 13,000.

Although there is no legal way to convert the ISK into €, it is still a gigantic sum.

It doesn't surprise you that either gigXwhen he found out about the action, logged in and vented his anger. Unfortunately he lost his calm and started threatening The Judge Real with violence up to and including mutilation and death threats. Fortunately there were enough witnesses and the operators of Eve Online responded immediately and blocked his 7 accounts.

How things will go on remains to be seen, CO2 is over and their territory went to their opponents. How all of this changes the political landscape and the power structure in Eve Online over the next few weeks will be interesting to see.

Eve Online is free to play and offers premium access with unlimited access to ships and skills.

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