Fallout 4 - Bethesda Sues Warner Bros.

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Sued according to a report by TMZ Online Magazin Fallout 4 Publisher Bethesda informs media giant Warner Bros. via their "Westworld" app. According to Bethesda, the Warner Bros. developer, Behavior Interactice, stole parts of the code from "Fallout Shelter".

Fallout Shelter is the app game published by Bethesda Fallout 4 and is very popular. Behavior Interactive is said to have taken over parts of the program code in the development of Westworld.

Bugs as evidence

As proof, Bethesda not only cites general similarities, but also that some bugs, i.e. program errors, should be identical to Bugs in Fallout Shelter.

This justification naturally creates amusement in the gaming community. Because Bethesda games have been known for a lot of bugs for years. This didn’t detract from their popularity, but it did frustrate players enormously. The fact that these bugs should now serve as evidence is a source of light mockery: "The bugs were intentional and a secret security feature!" And the like.

Even if it is not intentional in this case, programmers have often hidden small secrets in the program code or deliberately hidden errors in cards, etc., just to be able to prove in the event of a copyright infringement that it was their program.

Bethesda is suing for the game to be discontinued and for compensation or a share of the profits.

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