Fallout 76 - E3 Trailer and Information

Fallout 76 E3 trailer

On the Bethesda Presentation of this year's E3 fair, there were finally more details about the new Fallout 76. Game Director starts Todd Howard with a little sensation for the successful series. In Fallout 76, you will no longer run alone through the contaminated environment, but will be able to team up with other players online.


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In doing so, Fallout 76 picks up the best elements Survival and Open world Play and garnish the whole thing Base construction. Although players will be online, the new Fallout can also be played like a pure single player game. There are quests and assignments just like in previous parts of the series and you have the freedom to decide how and whom to play.

The "survival" elements should also be defused. Unlike in titles like DayZ, you don't lose all your progress or character when you die.

Fallout 76

The servers should also "only" offer space for dozens of players, so there is no World of Warcraft MMO to be expected with thousands of players online. After all, we're running through a radioactive wasteland and not through Disneyland. The game world itself should be gigantic and around 4 times bigger than Fallout 4. This makes Fallout 76 the largest and most extensive game in the series to date. Geographically it will be in American West Virginia be settled.

It will be one of the earliest games in the timeline, only around 25 years after the nuclear war the doors of the Vault 76. Because we and the other survivors are the ones who should start the reconstruction and recapture America for us.

As in the Teaser trailer the reconstruction of the destroyed earth is an important point. As was shown in the presentation, you can not only erect buildings from simple walls, but also provide them with appropriate defensive structures. Because in the hostile environment there are a lot of enemies waiting for you to defend your home.

Fallout 76 - Special Edition with real Power Armor helmet


In addition to the announcement of the Power Armor Edition where you get the real helmet, Todd Howard also announced an extensive beta. Online games in particular can use a bit of fine-tuning and Bethesda games in particular are sometimes known for tiny bugs.

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