Fallout 76 - Online RPG Survival offshoot of the Fallout series in progress

Fallout 76

After the Speculation about a new Fallout 4 project yesterday, Bethesda has since released new information and a trailer. The project bears the name Fallout 76.

The developers didn't skip Fallout 5 to 75, but rather Vault 76 in the backstory of the series is the vault that should be opened first after the nuclear war. Just 20 years after the nuclear war, it was supposed to open its doors and release the 500 inhabitants into the hostile environment as a test.

Fallout 76 - In the style of Rust and DayZ

The trailer asked more questions than it answered and gave no details about the game itself. The question of whether it would be a "normal" RPG like Fallout 4, an offshoot like Fallout: New Vegas at the time or a completely different genre remained open. However, various insiders let some information slip out.

So anyone expecting traditional fallout will be disappointed. The colleagues from Kotaku have a few more details. According to this, Fallout 76 should be an online survival RPG and be strongly inspired by games like DayZ or Rust.

This also fits the narrator's statement in the trailer:

"When the fighting is stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild."

"When the fighting is over and the radioactive fallout has subsided, you must lead the reconstruction."

The game should contain typical role-playing quests and tasks and also offer basic building. Similar to the construction elements published in 2015 Fallout 4. In this case, the survival component is likely to have a stronger effect, in which the players have to get and process the raw materials and defend their bases against enemies.

However, a source said that gameplay is changing rapidly and has not yet been established.

More information about Fallout 76 will be at the Bethesda E3 presentation on June 10th.

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