Far Cry 5 - DLC Hours of Darkness lets you sneak through the jungle

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Far Cry 5 - Hours of Darkness

Part of the Season Pass for Far Cry 5 were 3 DLCs, the first one Hours of Darkness will be released tomorrow, June 5th.

If the idyllic landscapes, fishing in mountain streams and the grizzly bears from Montana are getting on their nerves, you can look forward to a change. Because far away from the main game we end up in the DLC in the middle of the jungle of Vietnam. Accordingly, the story of the DLC has nothing to do with the main story Eden's Gate to do, but plays completely independently. Unfortunately, you still have to own the main program.

Far Cry 5 - From Montana to Vietnam

Timed plays Hours of Darkness in the era of the Vietnam War and we slip into the role of a US soldier who has disappeared behind enemy lines. So we are in quite a bit of trouble and we have to find our way back. We should try not to attract attention.

As a result, the DLC focuses very much on it To sneak and remain undiscovered if possible. There are also extra stealth / stealth skills that we unlock with kills from ambush. If we are discovered, these additional skills are gone for the time being.

The map is quite large for a DLC and comes close to the Montana map of the main game in terms of area. On our way to the rescue point, of course, we stumble across countless enemies and sometimes friends in the form of prisoners of war, whom we best free. So there is no boredom on the go. Even if we are cut off from our troops, we can call for air support by radio. Before that, however, we have to destroy any anti-aircraft guns to ensure that our bombers can move freely.


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Approx. The pleasure should be 6-7 hours, after that there are 2 more Game modes to disposal. A variant with fewer weapons and ammunition, making sneaking even more important and an action mode. There you can shoot as you like and slaughter your way through the jungle.

The Far Cry 5 DLC Hours of Darkness will be released on June 5th.


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