Far Cry 5 - PETA condemns the fishing game

Far Cry 5

Ubisofts Far Cry 5 is a real hit and everyone is talking about it right now. But that doesn't just mean praise, because the animal welfare organization PETA has now condemned fishing in Far Cry 5 as animal cruelty.

In addition to the "crusade" against the sect, which we lead in the game as an auxiliary sheriff, there are also a lot of other tasks. Usually less than 5 minutes pass before someone or something runs in front of us and either has an order or wants to kill us. A peaceful one promised Fishing trip some respite from all the action. This is not necessarily something new, you could already go fishing with dynamite in the previous game.

PETA criticism of Far Cry 5

PETA criticizes the Angel mini-game in Far Cry 5:

"Fishing means luring fish into a trap, exposing them to fear and shortness of breath for minutes to hours, as well as an often excruciating agony, before they are finally slain or often cut open while they are still alive," says Dr. Tanja Breining, marine biologist and specialist librarian for fish and marine animals at PETA.

Instead, Ubisoft should develop games with respect for animals:

The animal rights organization suggests instead developing games with wild animals that do not glorify killing as a recreational activity.

The complete message from PETA can here being found.

In a statement by Ubisoft it means, however, that the team and the developers have taken great pains to make the fictional area around Hope County as realistic as possible. The true-to-original reproduction of the nature of the real Montana creates the most immersive experience possible for the players.

Of course it turns Far Cry 5 hunting, fishing, shooting, throwing dynamite around or hitting each other with shovels. Ubisoft emphasizes the great respect for the animal world and all living beings, so there are always alternatives to fishing, hunting, etc.

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