Final Fantasy XIV - German Update 4.3 Trailer

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Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 trailer

The next big one will appear in just under 10 days Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.3. The trailer released today provides a glimpse into the story that awaits you.

Final Fantasy XIV - Update 4.3

As usual from the development team, the regular updates provide more content than just 1-2 new quests etc. We have summarized the most important new features for you:

Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 brings a new section of the main scenario quest - In the pale moonlight:

“The envoy from the imperial capital came with a surprising offer: peace between Garlemald and Doma, and an exchange of prisoners as proof of good intentions. King Hien does not want to miss the opportunity to bring the forced domains home and agrees to the proposal. But the shadow of a Zenos believed dead lies over Doma and threatens to sink the land, which has just been shining in the morning light of freedom, into darkness again. "

Final Fantasy XIV

New raid: return to Ivalice - leading light from Ridorana

“There is a place in the Valnard Sea, far south of Rabanastre, where the sea flows into a huge gullet that is more than a mile wide: the Ridorana cataract. In order to warn ships of this huge gullet, a leading light was once built, to which the Prima Vista of the imperial theater group “Maiestas” is now setting out. "

New dungeon - Compass of the Swallow

“In the center of Yanxia there is a huge rock formation in which a complex mausoleum was carved in honor of the hero and Domanian founder Ganen: the compass of the swallow. Ganen was not only a formidable warrior, but also a powerful geomancer. His final resting place quickly became a place of pilgrimage for those who study nature and its patterns. After the retreat of the Garlear, the compass can finally be re-entered, and that is exactly what you should do on Genbus' behalf. What treasures can the compass hold? "

The side orders include "The Four Animal Saints"

"With the help of the animal saint Genbu you face the new dangers that threaten the Ruby Sea. Byakko, the White Tiger, is ready to face the cruel dragon Koryu, but he was just the beginning. And your next opponent is full of surprises "

Further highlights of the update:

  • Kurenai's requested deliveries
  • Reconstruction of the Doman enclave
  • World contact circles - communication with players on other servers / worlds in your data center
  • Gold Saucer - Updated content search
  • Revised projection chest
  • Accommodation - guest books for your party visitors

Patch 4.3 for Final Fantasy XIV will be released on May 22nd.

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