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Final Fantasy XIV

What would be sold as expansion for some online games is with Final Fantasy XIV an ordinary content patch. With 4.2, a whole lot of new content and adventures come for the successful online role-playing game.

Under the title "Rising of a new sun"Continues with the main scenario story:

“The thwarting of the Qalyana attack and the return from Raubahn to his homeland have calmed the situation in Ala Mhigo a little. But the next fire is already smoldering in Doma. Does the region fall back into dark times or will the light triumph "

 As a sideline awaits the players Soul dance - Byakko:

“The legend of the samurai Tenzen, who drove out a demon together with four sacred animals, is known throughout Othard. But behind some legends there is more than it seems. When a certain Kojin receives a certain letter from an unknown sender, history is about to be rewritten ... "

Final Fantasy XIV - New Dungeons

 Two new ones Dungeons will be introduced with 4.2:

On the one hand the Hell bung:

“To the south of the Ruby Sea is the Höllenspund, a volcano whose smoke darkens the sky and whose lava makes the sea hiss. The forces of nature seem so overwhelming that the inhabitants of the region once told legends of an angry demon who lived at the bottom of the volcano. "

 And on the other hand the heavy version of the Fractal continuum:

“Garlond Metallwerke measured irregularities on the Fractal Continuum during routine monitoring of Azys Lla. What is going on inside this Allagan museum ship? On behalf of the Garlond metal works you are going to investigate the aether anomalies. "

The Feast, i.e. PvP, is with the Crystal Tower Arena expanded, which is located on the Silbertränensee. A new practice area has been built at this historic site. A new team system with 6 players each and a revised set of rules are used. This made the fights a little more dynamic and no longer dragged on.

Final Fantasy XIV

There is also something new among the wild tribes, the sub-tribe of the Ananta, the Vira, come to the fore. The daughter of the tribal leader, Alpa, needs your help with her ambitious plan.

As retaining Projection chests of drawers in the Herbege, Diving boats, Bard compositions, new Mounts and much more. The complete overview of all Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 features can be found on the official homepage. The update will be available on January 30th.


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