Final Fantasy XV - Benchmark delivers falsified results

Final Fantasy XV

A title waiting for the PC player is certain this year Final Fantasy XV, PC gamers finally get a contemporary Final Fantasy without years of waiting. Just recently, Square Enix published a benchmark program that future customers can use to test their system for suitability.

According to initial reports, there are some catches in Final Fantasy XV Benchmark. Even high-end systems achieved this Geforce GTX 1080 Ti, significantly lower scores than expected. Since the PC version of Final Fantasy XV was programmed with strong support from Nvidia and is accordingly optimized for its cards, this came as a surprise.

Final Fantasy XV - Hair in the Soup

Apparently, however, the Nividia frameworks not integrated appropriately, these cannot be deactivated in the benchmark options. This leads to losses in the FPS for all graphics cards, regardless of the manufacturer. The problem with this is that objects are rendered far outside the visible area. For example, in some scenes wild animals are placed far away, their fur with Nvidia Hairworks is rendered particularly beautifully and in detail.

If these were in the player's range of vision, it would certainly be great to look at, but this leads to unnecessary losses. We are talking about 15% - 37% less power due to this breakdown, because many other invisible objects such as tunnels, bridges etc. are also included in the calculation.

This at least makes the benchmark pretty useless for the moment. It is important at this point that such blunders do not sneak into the finished game. Fortunately it has Square Enix 4 weeks until the PC version of Final Fantasy XV is released on March 6th.

If you still want to load the benchmark in order to get at least a very rough assessment of your own computer, you will find it on the official one Square Enix homepage with instructions.

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