Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis - Cooking on the Battlefield

Final Fantasy XV episode Ignis

Shortly before the release of the Final Fantasy XV DLC episode Ignis Square Enix gives us a glimpse of Ignis' fighting skills. Nothing special in itself, fire effects on the weapons, "high jump" that is, a high jump that crushes the enemy when landing.

But the third ability that is presented to us is a bit bizarre "Quick recipeh" so "quick recipe". Ignis unpacks his mobile kitchen including table, oven and grill and starts to cook something on the fly. From chopping the meat to stirring the soup, nothing can disturb him. Not without good reason, because as you can see in the video, the shots of the opponents go past him. So very polite opponents who don't interrupt the cook while he's at work.

Final Fantasy XV - The first DLC round is now complete

Episode Ignis is the individual adventure of the 3 companions of Prince Noctis first complete. For 2018 the developers have according to their own statements, but at least 3 more DLCs in the works. The first is supposed to be about Ardyn and give us a little more background information.

The wish of many fans for an episode about Luna is well known to the developers and one of the possible options for the other DLCs.


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Episode Ignis will be released on December 13 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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