Final Fantasy XV - PC Tech Demo shown

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Final Fantasy XV

Anyone who, as a non-Ps4 owner, was envious of the mention of Final Fantasy XV in the last few weeks received a little consolation from Square Enix at GDC. The developer showed a first tech demo for a future PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

The story of how Final Fantasy XV came about is worth a story in itself. Almost 10 years of development, renamed from FFXIII to Final Fantasy XV in 2013, represents the last part of the legendary series.

In November 2016 it finally appeared for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and was cheered by fans. Square Enix directly took care of the few complaints and delivered countless improvements and additional story parts with a large patch. Square Enix released what would have become a paid DLC for some other manufacturers as a free patch. In doing so, they collected a lot of bonus points from fans and critics.

6 million copies sold are a clear sign of the quality of the title.

Final Fantasy XV - The Project

With a full CGI film as a tie-in "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" which completes the story, Final Fantasy XV is a huge project that has been rare to date. A webcomic was also released under the name Brotherhood. The game tells the story of Prince Noctis von Lucis on the journey to his wife Princess Lunafreya von Tenebrae. Accompanied by his advisor Ignis, the bodyguard Gladiolus and childhood friend Prompto, Noctis faces many dangers and adventures. But this has little to do with the usual bridal show. About the invasion and destruction of his capital by the Empire. Up to the realization that this was just a straw man for a demon force, is a long way. In the stylish car or by Chocobo on the go, they do quests typical of the genre and look for a way to save the kingdom.

The tech demo shown gives the PC population new courage to experience this epic journey for themselves one day.
You can find the video at the end of the article.


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