Final Fantasy XV - The Pocket Edition is here

Final Fantasy XV

Those who are waiting for the Final Fantasy XV PC version can now pass the time with the Pocket Edition. You can experience the adventure of Prince Noctis in cute anime graphics on your smartphone or tablet.

Final Fantasy XV - The epic now also mobile

The Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is available in the app stores as of today and the first chapter is even free. For the later chapters 2-10, however, you need to have some money on hand. Individual chapters cost € 1.09, the complete package 2-10 should cost € 21.99.

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The links can also be found under the official launch trailer.

In contrast to the "large" console or PC version, the graphics here are kept in a cute anime style. The scope has also been shortened to take into account the technical limitations of smartphones. So the game mainly offers the story without the open world environment. The combat system has also been converted to typical mobile games operation.

Otherwise, the first 5 minutes already offer everything you would expect story-wise, including the Regalia slide, Hammerhead, Cindy and Cid. And even if the open world has been shortened a bit, you can of course still explore the area a bit during the quests or rummage in boxes for hidden treasures. Not to forget Ignis cooking skills when he prepares something for the troops around the campfire.

Since the first chapter is free to play, fans of the series should definitely take a look.

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