For Honor - Free weekend and twitch drops

For Honor

After this a lot of improvements in the last patch at For Honor have been made, the developers are now donating Free weekend To try. So everyone has the opportunity to see the "new" For Honor fighting system for themselves and maybe enjoy it popular Find fighting game.

The free weekend will be on the PC on May 3 start and go until May 6th. There is also that Warrior trainings Program in which a newcomer (without game) and a veteran (with game) can earn 2 weeks of champion status together. All you have to do is complete 5 matches together.

The 2 weeks Champion status bring the following bonuses:

  • 40% XP boost at the end of a game for the new player
  • 20% XP boost as an aura that counts for the other player
  • More event loot
  • Additional materials for salvage
  • More loot at the end of a match
  • An emblem
  • And the champion status icon

In the in-game shop, these bonuses would be approx. 8000 steel cost, so not bad what Ubisoft donated here.

Twitch Drops on the For Honor livestream

As a further bonus there is the next week Warrior's The Podcast with new announcements. For this, the developers are bringing back the Twitch Drops. With the Twitch Drops you will receive certain rewards for watching the Twitch Live Stream. In this case you are guaranteed to watch 3 boxes for one hour of stream. Every 10 minutes there is a chance of 100,000 steel. The show runs on May 3rd from 4pm.

For Honor Twitch Channel

Further information and instructions for activating Twitch Drops can be found on the For Honor Homepage.

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