Fortnite - $ 100 million in profit in just 3 months on iOs

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Fortnite - Mobile

The king is dead, long live the king! Last year we could hardly save ourselves from the weekly record numbers of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), meanwhile competitor Fortnite is not only taking off in terms of player numbers, but also in terms of income. The iOs version of Fortnite only needed 90 days $ 100 million Generate income.

Fortnite - 100 million via Battlepass

At least that's what the analysis company reports Sensor tower and makes Fortnite one of the most successful mobile games in recent years. For example, one of the few games that reached the magical limit faster was Clash Royale.

Of course you would like to compare the numbers from Fortnite and PUBG, but the mobile version of PUBG was only available for 60 days at the time the data was collected. However, only a comparatively weak 5.2 million US dollars are said to have been posted as revenue during the period.

Fortnite's success is attributed not only to the game itself, but also to the skillful Monetization by publisher Epicgames. Unlike just packing cosmetic items into a shop as microtransactions, there is also the Fortnite Battlepass for the individual seasons. After purchasing the Battle Pass, players unlock a progression system. In this, a huge number of cosmetic items can be unlocked by leveling up and completing certain tasks. Individual levels of the Battle Pass can also be purchased through microtransactions, thus accelerating progress.

Fortnite Battle Pass and Upgrades

This method is so successful that other games are already following suit. So not only the direct competitor Playerunknown's Battlegrounds with the newly released 3. Sanhok map announced something similar. Also the successful auto soccer game Rocket League introduces a season pass.

Monetization in games causes displeasure among many gamers

This seems to be the keyword after the Lootbox wave, which sometimes caused a lot of displeasure Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, now be the next level of monetization models. At least one does not have to be upset about random elements with this variant, but can work specifically towards the cosmetic items within limits.

Nevertheless, it remains to be hoped that the developers develop a healthy mediocrity and that the players, conversely, punish variants that are more like a rip-off with disinterest. Especially for the latest Battle Pass from Fortnite there was already first criticism on Reddit because of the time it took to get in the 4 weeks of the Season level 100 to achieve has increased significantly. Players who have a full-time job and family are almost forced to buy new levels in order to receive the complete armor set. So despite the enormous success, there are also downsides here.

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